The latest AI technology is a faster and more versatile writer than any human ever

The tale is age-old. Whenever novel technology emerges, those who have always been at the helm stubbornly latch onto their old ways, deluded into thinking they'll remain dominant. Remember Blockbuster Video? Ancient history now. So, it's about time for a reality check.

Those who can keep up with the breakneck speed of AI are poised for success.

By Mike Reid | January 2025

Once upon a time in the magical kingdom of journalism, there lived the noble Tortoises — hardworking, dedicated, and oh-so-human. They believed in the sanctity of their craft, the purity of words, and the power of storytelling.

In their quaint, old-fashioned world, everything was just perfect.

That is, until the AI-powered Hares came along.

Now, the Hares were an interesting bunch, boasting the speed of GPT and its cutting-edge language-processing capabilities.

They were wickedly smart, versatile, and could generate ideas at the speed of thought. The world marveled at their prowess, and everyone — from entrepreneurs to students, even grandma with her book club — started adopting these magnificent Hares into their lives. How could they not? It was like having a magical assistant that could do anything, as long as it involved words.

But our valiant Tortoises, the proud journalists, were unfazed by the Hares' sorcery. They clung to their quills and typewriters, scoffing at the Hares' artificial antics.

After all, what could a machine possibly know about the human condition, the subtle nuances of language, the art of storytelling?

Surely, GPT was just a fad, a brief fascination. Soon, the world would come to its senses and return to its slow and steady ways.

The world, however, had other plans. The Hares weaved their AI magic, and people were smitten. As the once-mighty Tortoises witnessed their kingdoms slowly crumble, they couldn't help but feel a twinge of envy.

Why were they the ones left behind, like relics of a bygone era?

But our Tortoises were nothing if not stubborn. They held onto their beliefs with unyielding tenacity, as if sheer willpower alone would save them from obsolescence. And so, they trudged onward, slowly and oh-so-steadily, as the world raced ahead.

In this brave new world of AI-driven wonders, the Tortoises watched from the sidelines as the Hares reveled in their success.

They attended fancy AI conferences and threw glamorous AI parties. All the while, the Tortoises stood their ground, steadfast in their belief that the Hares' reign was a fleeting illusion.

Our dear Tortoises refused to see that the world had changed.

Meanwhile, the Hares and their AI-driven comrades basked in the limelight, crafting content with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and efficiency. They were the heroes of the digital age, saving time and effort for those who embraced their abilities.

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They could churn out perfect paragraphs at breakneck speed, analyze complex data sets, and even fact-check the Tortoises' articles faster than you can say "extra, read all about it!"

The Tortoises, bless their stubborn hearts, persevered through it all, refusing to accept that the winds of change were blowing.

But time, as they say, is a cruel mistress. As the world continued its rapid march towards an AI-integrated future, the Tortoises found themselves increasingly isolated. The Tortoise Newsrooms turned into ghost towns, their typewriters gathering dust, while their former colleagues embraced the AI revolution.

And so, our tragic tale of the Tortoises and the Hares comes to an end. A cautionary fable for the digital age, reminding us that sometimes, slow and steady doesn't win the race.

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As the Hares bound into the future, leaving the Tortoises to fade into the annals of history, one can't help but wonder: could it have been different?

If only the Tortoises had been willing to adapt, to work alongside the Hares and embrace the possibilities of AI, perhaps they could have shared in the triumphs of the new age.

Sadly, today's most elite journalists will not be the early pioneers when it comes to this exciting new era of AI journalism.

And thus, it will fall to the reformed political fundraisers, the digital fundraising gurus, to decide: Let's get a little crazy. Let's add some actual political news to our digital fundraising content.

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Their background in digital communication, persuasion, and mass outreach will translate into an ability to craft news that is both engaging and far-reaching.

This bold move will reshape the landscape of political content.

While this might seem like a radical shift from traditional journalism, it's an evolution we need. In a world that often feels overwhelmed by negativity, an new approach that focuses on joy will be a much needed breath of fresh air. And it's the former email spammers, those who know how to catch our attention amidst the digital noise, those who want to do better, who will lead the way in creating a more joy-dense news landscape.

Jump into the dynamic world of politics with enthusiasm, shaping the future with your zest. This path is a playground for the energetic, those who meet challenges with a contagious enthusiasm. Your resilience fuels your spirit, and we enthusiastically urge you to channel this energy into this vital role. In political leadership, your participation isn't just a decision; it's an exhilarating adventure.

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While it's understandable for seasoned journalists to harbor skepticism and concern, it's also important to recognize the potential benefits of these changes. The integration of AI into journalism, for instance, could enhance efficiency and enable journalists to focus on the crucial aspects of their craft.

For those who prefer things extra spicy.

By embracing AI and welcoming new approaches, we can work towards a future where news is more accessible, engaging, and fun. However, these advancements should not come at the expense of the pursuit of truth. Only then can we ensure that journalism continues to fulfill its critical role in society.