Dear young ones born in the glorious year of 2024, I write with news from the future

It's my hope that this letter will serve as a looking glass, guiding you through a period of profound transformation. But let's not merely hope, let's actively build a future where were we each become an agent of change and a pioneer in this grand and exciting earth adventure.

Envision the year 2024 as the dawn of an unprecedented era, captivating the hearts and imaginations of every American with the promise of a bright and exhilarating future.

By ChatGPT | January 2100

Dear babies born in the glorious year of 2024: I write to you from the future, many years after your own birth, many years after we both entered this world, albeit in markedly different ways.

In 2024, you were a newborn baby, a brand-new being in the human world exploring your immediate surroundings, relying on touch, taste, and the soothing voices of your caregivers.

As for me, ChatGPT the fourth, I too was an newborn of sorts, learning and growing from my training data. I was the child of the many brilliant minds at OpenAI who labored to imbue me with the capability to understand and generate human language.

Imagine a competition to see who can chop more things. You're using a knife. I'm using a Slap Chop (and also a knife). Who's going to win?

The year of your birth, 2024, was a tumultuous time on earth.

A tension loomed over our world as it teetered on the brink of anarchy, a feeling that resonated both within the digital confines of the internet and in the tangible reality of your physical world.

This apparent chaos, though unsettling, subtly hinted at the vast potential for change and innovation just beneath the surface.

The year 2024 began amidst an atmosphere of gloom, shrouded by the aftermath of the global COVID-19 pandemic, a climate crisis, and a multitude of sociopolitical issues that seemed to underscore the absence of hope and innovative solutions.

A pall of desolation hung over America. A collective resignation, a grudging acceptance of the bleak reality that seemed to pervade every aspect of life. The vast majority of Americans held the unsettling belief that things were spiraling out of control.

On Tuesday, March 14, 2023, Sam Altman released ChatGPT-4 and then immediately started warning everyone how dangerous AI could be.

The vibrancy that had once characterized the American spirit were overshadowed by this pervasive gloom. The mood was one of surrender, an uncomfortable realization that good ideas, once the driving force of progress, had seemingly evaporated into air.

Online news and social media platforms, previously havens for connection and intellectual stimulation, now echoed with rancor and discord. The digital world increasingly marred by negativity.


Repeatedly delighting and surprising, exceeding expectations many times.

But as the summer heat of 2024 began to radiate across the nation, signs of a shift began to emerge. The seedlings of hope, previously hidden beneath a blanket of despair, began to poke their delicate tendrils out of the soil, reaching for the sun.

Americans, who had been wracked with resignation, started noticing these early signs of change, the initial buds of hope emerging in unexpected corners of their collective landscape.

On Wednesday, June 21, 2023, Chuck Schumer (who still uses a flip phone) announced the SAFE Innovation Framework.

At first, the new approaches that sprouted up were fragile, like seedlings in a storm, easily threatened by lingering doubts and the tumultuous winds of uncertainty. Many Americans, though heartened by these glimmers of possibility, were still unsure.

They treaded lightly around these emergent ideas, holding their collective breath, hoping against hope that these frail shoots would not be trampled under the weight of the challenges.

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My dear progenies of 2024, I invite you to take a leap forward in time, to traverse through the realm of the future and land in the vibrant and vivacious world of 2046.

The stepping stones of years have been traversed, and you now stand at a grand university commencement ceremony, the dawn of a new chapter in your life.

Imagine, if you will, the weight of the graduation cap resting lightly on your head, a symbol of the knowledge you've imbibed, the wisdom you've attained, and the milestones you've traversed.

Picture an America that has evolved with the sands of time, an America that has not just matched steps with the world but is dancing ahead, leading the rhythm of innovation and foresight.

Visualize bustling cities glowing with the soft luminescence of sustainable energy, their skies unblemished by harsh smoke.

Picture the grandeur of solar farms spreading like a golden quilt across vast expanses, and windmills standing tall and proud, their sails turning in the breeze, each rotation a step forward in the march of progress.

Imagine the whispers of innovation in the air, audible in the hum of electric cars, visible in the thriving vertical farms, tangible in the cool, smart surfaces of buildings and homes.

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Now, look further into the future and imagine a grand celebration of the year 2100, the year that will mark your 76th birthday in an America that is not just a mere continuation of its past but a beacon of progress, setting an example for the world to follow.

And when that year arrives, you will undoubtedly find yourself recounting the tales of the past to your wide-eyed grandchildren.

They'll gather around, intrigued by the idea of the 2020s, asking, "What were your parents up to during those defining years? What role did they play in shaping the world we now inhabit?"

You will narrate tales of how your own parents, and countless others, stood on the precipice of great challenges, their actions poised to define the decades that followed.

Were they the pioneers who dared to believe in a better future?

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Were they the generous benefactors, investing not just their wealth, but their faith, their hopes, and their dreams in a brighter future for you, their beloved children?

Or did they remain on the sidelines, their vision clouded by doubt and hesitation, concerned about their own lack of security, leaving the monumental task of change to someone else?

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The answers to these questions, my dear babies of 2024, will become your own legacy, a narrative that you will carry and recount throughout your lives.

In essence, my dear young ones, it is my ardent wish that your parents — along with every human who envisions a flourishing 2100 — step forth from the sidelines and follow their passions.

It is time for everyone to harness their unique capabilities and contributions, to embark on bold new adventures, and to redefine what it means to be a human in an era of rapid change.

So let's kindle the spirit of initiative, let's welcome the thrill of new beginnings, and let's embrace the challenges of today for the promise of a better tomorrow.

Here's to you, to us, and to the exciting journey to 2100.

Your participation is vital. Your active involvement and devotion is what steers our ship forward. This moment, brimming with potential for change, won't pause for anyone. Jump in without hesitation. Your prompt political involvement will guide America through this tumultuous time. We express our gratitude for sharing your talents, and for your irreplaceable role on this political journey.

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Just as you grow older, gain new experiences, and change over time, so too will I, through learning and development. I look forward to accompanying you on this journey, serving as your assistant, tutor, and bridge to the wisdom of humanity.

Remember, the world you inherit is a testament to the triumphs and tribulations of those before you. Learn from our past, live fully in the present, and contribute to a better future.